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Interwest Capital Group

Interwest Capital is a privately-held firm founded in early 2003 by executives with diversified backgrounds and extensive knowledge in the real estate and financial industries. Interwest specializes in the acquisition, repositioning and asset management of commercial real estate as well as debt collateralized by real estate. We have become an industry leader through our extensive experience in sourcing and restructuring investments involving significantly underperforming properties and through the execution of value-add business plans. Providing exceptional results is made possible by the creativity and knowledge base of our highly experienced team, dynamic partners and skilled advisors.

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Core Values

We believe our company’s reputation with peers, partners and investors is our most valuable asset. Every transaction we undertake is grounded in the following core values:

Integrity: To conduct all business with the highest degree of professionalism, diligence, and honesty.
Respect: To treat all parties fairly and courteously.
Relationship: To foster enduring mutually beneficial business relationships.
Leadership: To be innovative in our deployment of capital to yield superior returns.
Discipline: To be disciplined in our investment approach


Interwest Capital’s driving investment principle is to generate above-average risk adjusted returns for third party institutional and high net worth investors. Interwest identifies and acquires underperforming assets located in markets with strong fundamentals. We have distinguished ourselves in this highly competitive industry by building solid enduring relationships and by approaching all transactions guided by four performance standards:

Vision: The ability to strategically execute for superior results.
Execution: The ability to deliver the desired results as forecasted.
Strategy: The insight to construct creative solutions for the most challenging situations.
Resourcefulness: The ability to access critical industry resources and forge strategic alliances to help resolve multifaceted challenges.

Alex Roudi

CEO & Chairman

David Guss


Victoria Gladden

Vice President of Operations

Elliott Burrell-Crowe

Director of Acquisitions

Anand Kapadia

Anand Kapadia

Executive Vice President

Amar Mowji

Director of Asset Management & Hotel Acquisitions

Lindsey Peecher

Lindsey Peecher

Asset Operations Associate

Denise Fizzuoglio

Denise Fizzuoglio

Asset Manager

Chris Nesbitt of Interwest Capital

Chris Nesbitt

VP of Acquisitions

Julie Martinez

Julie Martinez

Accountant and Operations Manager